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04-08-2011, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Patccmoi View Post
I'm actually for signing both Wiz and Markov personally, and Hamrlik could likely be signed with a pretty big paycut if he wants to. For me they're not all mutually exclusive options. And Subban is there to stay either way, has nothing about being a replacement or not, you're allowed to have more than 1 star defenseman on a team! No rules against it, I checked.

That being said, sure it would be a 'safer' road to sign Hamrlik + Wiz and let Markov walk. It's also the kind of 'safe road' that makes team always stay middle of the pack.

I honestly think that with a healthy Markov + Subban, the Habs are a contender within the next 2 years. Will Markov be healthy, I don't know, you can't know. You can't know he won't be either, though.

Would I take, say, a 50% chance of being a top 6 team in the NHL with 50% chance of being a team around 10-15 over a 90% chance of being a team between 8-12? (obviously random % but you get the idea). Hell yes I would.

You want to win a cup, you strive for excellence. It might involve taking some risks, but if you let your high-end talent walk because there's a risk, at best you'll manage to stay a middle of the pack team that will make the playoffs in the bottom seeds and might win a round. But be a true contender, you need high-end talent, and we don't have many of that. Markov is one of the few. You just don't let that walk if you aim for a championship.

I totally agree 100% with this comment. With a paycut to Hamrlik, why not keep them all. I would replace Gill by a grittier and younger stay at home D, keep Mara as a 7th or even a 6th D and I would try to trade Spacek. Not that Spacek isn't good, but 3.8M is a lot of money for that kind of player. But I know, easier said than done. Subban, Wiz and Markov on the same D squad would be awesome!!

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