Thread: TSN: Freddy Modin a Flame
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04-08-2011, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by DouglasQuaid View Post
Good lord, its a 7th round pick and you think bumping a thread over a month old is proving a point? You might be, but the point proven is not that you were right.

Nobody expected Modin to drag this team into the playoffs, and the 4 games and -3 are more than most 7th round picks will ever contribute in the NHL. Even by failing to live up to your standards, he did more than we could ever expect from a 7th round pick. Modin was another warm body to throw out there incase of injuries to avoid inexperienced call-ups. The 4 games he played acheived that, albeit rather shortly, but he did basically what was expected of him. Where is your point?
MY point is that I criticized the trade, then everyone here basically criticized me for doing that. However minor the trade/pick is (which thankfully is very minor).

I said Modin was useless, and he low and behold he was useless. But it was like a 10 to 1fight in here against me on the issue of whether or not he would be of any use at all. I'm just pointing out my assessment was fairly accurate, despite harsh criticism against it.

If I can admit that Jokinen exceeded my own expectations and own up to criticizing others for it, I see nothing wrong in the opposite if people are criticizing my assessment elsewhere.

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