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04-08-2011, 11:49 AM
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Originally Posted by JDM View Post
Last time the ducks played in staples I was outside on the smoking patio waiting in line with my buddy to get some beer and food when this duck fan walks up and asks if he can cut in front of me (I was next). He says 'I just need to got a napkin with some soda to wipe my friend down'. My buddy laughs and says to the guy 'why did you **** all over his neck?'. The duckie then starts complaining about how some kings fan threw mustard at them. I asked him if he deserved it.

It's pretty lame to randomly throw mustard on someone's expensive jersey. Then again, this guy was a major tool. The way he was *****ing about this mustard you would think that his wife had been anally *****. He was talking to security about pressing charges and such. I'm just standing there thinking that mustard getting thrown is about the nicest thing I've seen go down on the smoking patio when the ducks come to town.

As I was leaving I heard him say 'this kind of thing never happens at the Honda center' so I couldn't help myself and told him 'of course it wouldn't , no one down there has any passion or gives a ****.'

Not the best story, but this thread reminded me of it and how lame it was and what overreacting sissies duck fans can be.
Something tells me this guy was asking for it, I think if you're quiet and keep to yourself and take the verbal heckling that comes along with being a rival fan at someone else's barn, you should be fine . . . I threw a hotdog at a Wild fan once but that's because he would turn around everytime they scored a goal and taunt the crowd . . . you don't do that ****.

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