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Originally Posted by MoMo316 View Post
Unless they get a point.
For a long while I was hoping for 6th, and very likely the Booins. Because no way I wanted Philly or Caps first round.

I also thought there was no way Sh-tsburgh would take out Philly, so I didn't even consider them in round 1.

Now I'm wavering. Philly looks kinda crap without Prolonger, and their goal tending is a question mark. But Prolonger might be back, the giant knob that he is.

Sh-tsburgh? Maybe no Crosby and Malkin, and a nervous Fluery. They'll want revenge though, big time. And Crosby might return.

So my list in order of preference is still:


Let's assume Crapington finishes no 1. No way we finish 8th, so there's that problem out of the way.

Problem is, with the flux in the top 4, if we finish no. 6, in theory we could play any of Philly, Pitts or Booins.

I we finish number 7, same thing I think.

Correct me if I'm wrong by the way.

So what to do?

Answer: Habs must know which of the 3 would be the best draw. I don't . But they're the pros.

Therefore Habs should watch the Buff and Pitts games at the Hotel tomorrow night, and not drink too much of possible just in case, and see what happens with Buff, Philly and Pitts.

Then, knowing which team they want to play, if a loss is required, tank it agaist Laffs, while sitting Subby, Price and anyone else possible, or, if a win is required slap Carey and Subby in and torch the leafs.

I hope it's the tank option, because if there's a key injury against Laffs due to the fact that we had to try, and play our guns, I'll ritually disembowel myself at my desk on Monday. And you tube it.

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