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04-08-2011, 12:00 PM
Terence Peterman
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Originally Posted by ShotScore View Post

Quotation marks can and are often used for emphasis. It was not meant to be ironic. Since it is a fact that Carter often shoots high and wide, the usage of the quotes was not incorrect.

Also, you stated "don't know what I'm talking about again", meaning that I was wrong about things other than just this post. I ask again to show what you mean so that I may rebut.
Quotes being used for emphasis is a largely colloquial thing. They have a distinct purpose, and that doesn't make some mainstream misinterpretation ok just because it's gotten to be mainstream. (Edit: what you were going for was sarcasm, and we've got a smiley for that.)

I don't want to take up a **** ton of space, and that's what it would take to show where else you've been wrong. It would be around 95% of your posts.

Originally Posted by Cartsiephan View Post
The fact that you are even responding to that is probably the most disturbing, but keep a stiff upper lip.
Hey guy, I drink my beverages pinky free and have a fanciful mustache. I'm plenty classy. I just feel recognizing the proletariat is something anyone decent does, and I'm more than decent. I can't believe you'd just ignore a whole societal class.

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