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04-08-2011, 01:04 PM
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Originally Posted by bjac View Post
I would choose Markov easily. Guy's like Wiz aren't that tough to find or aquire. We've seen Souray, Streit and now Wiz go through the organization over the past 8 years. Guys like Markov are rare, and very hard to aquire. He's the better of the two both offensively and defensively and regardless of the risk he is the better choice IMO.
Actually guys like Markov & Wiz are very hard to find!....offensive defensemen are a slim picking in the league especially ones that are available for trade.

Injury free obviously Markov is the better of the 2 but there's uncertainty regarding is ability to stay healthy over the next few years...

Management needs to sign both! if ands or buts!....If Markov gets injured Wiz is there and if he doesn't we have 3 offensive minded defensemen(Suban) which is hard to come by in this if we really have to upgrade other areas of the team...wiz gives us a fantastic trading card!...

There's no way they should let either of them walk.

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