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04-08-2011, 12:54 PM
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Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
Nothing would give me more pleasure then to go into tomorrow knowing we can make the playoffs if we win, and then kill the Debbies something like 6-1.

But regardless of what Carolina does the next two games, you know if the Devils win - they will credit themselves for knocking the Rangers out of the playoffs if they do. Especially the fans. I expect nothing less.

Even if Carolina winds up making the playoffs i hope we kick the **** out the Devils.

Its simple, either well know if we need help from Tampa, or have already gotten it from Atlanta. The approach to this game is going to be the same. If the Rangers arent ready for this one and shock us again with a bewilderingly lame performance i think i just might flip out and cause a scene in my household. If the Devils win in any fashion and prevent the Rangers from making it later that night, i will probably stare at the wall or tv screen for about 3 hours before i instantaneously combust into flames.

I hate the Devils with such a deep, rooted passionate hate - that if they even win a preseason game it bothers me. If they actually send the Rangers packing with the Rangers knowing they can get in if they win - i just dont know how ill be able to handle that emotionally, and maybe even physically.
hahaha, imagine the scene at the garden tomorrow if they lose

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