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Originally Posted by Cutty Sarkn3ss View Post
I understand that but now the mindset is "If I put myself in a questionable or vulnerable position, I might be able to draw a penalty" rather than "If I put myself in a questionable or vulnerable position, I might get blown the **** up" . . . I know I will be in the minority with this mindset cause most of the posters on here support "Diving for a penalty and if they call, the end justifies the means" . .
I don't think it really matters if a players puts himself in a vulnerable position or not. Like I said take a look at what the NFL has done with QBs and receivers. There were too many injuries to the head. The league banned the kind of hits that were causing them. To some extent that has solved the problem.

You telling me Torres had to finish his check there, or that Ribeiro needed to make the hit on Handzus to make an effective hockey play in that situation? I don't think so. As fans we all love the big hit that often occurs when a player is blindsided, but it isn't our eggs that are getting scrambled by them.

I don't know if you're a card carrying member of the I hate Brown because he dives club or not, but drawing penalties is a part of the game. If a player keeps his feet moving and the player taking the penalty doesn't, oh well I guess the guy should learn to keep his feet moving.

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