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Originally Posted by Fitzy Duke of NY View Post
I think another, slightly bigger Ryan Callahan would do wonders for this club. And he is signed for 3.175 for the forseeable future, which is one of the biggest bargain contracts in the league.

He is only around a 10-15 goal, 20-25 point dropoff from Gaborik on their best years (Brown has outscored Gabby this year) but he hits, is better defensively, and is half the cap hit.

If we needed that inconsistant question mark gamebreaker, we could just take the remaining 4 mil and invest some of it in Gagne.

There is a reason I'm not an NHL gm, don't get me wrong. But I think we'd have to be out of our minds not to make a deal like that.
Gaborik isn't a question mark gamebreaker. He's having an off year. I said it in another thread, if this is what you get from him in an off year, sign me up.

He's playing better defensively then what I'd expect, in spite of the horrible back check he put in last night. He doesn't hit, it's not part of his game, although I've seen him get more physical recently as well. This team doesn't get to game 82 last year with as much as a sniff of the playoffs if Gaborik doesn't account for 1/4 of the teams offense.

He didn't carry the team this year, and in reality, he didn't have to, BUT to say you'd trade him for Dustin Brown, who has 56 points over 80 games, for Gaborik, who has 47 points in 61 games, which is 61 points over the 81 games the Rangers played this year. Oh, and lets not forget to mention Brown has Kopitar as his center, for all but the last few with Kopitar out with the broken ankle, while Gaborik gets to play with a rookie center (40pts), 2nd year center(40pts), and Eric Christensen (Do I need stats?) instead of Anze Kopitar?(#1 center, PPG player, playmaker)

I'll reserve judgement until the Rangers get a #1 (Richards/trade) or one of our own (Stepan, Anisimov) become one (if they do). I still wouldn't do it. Any team that has Avery, EC, Wolski, and Gilroy on it has too many holes in the roster. Lets not even mention the 3 forwards listed there have all seen time with Gaborik as well.

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