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04-08-2011, 01:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Northington View Post
I disagree.
I think 4-5 days is asking to be overtraining.
I also think you want to be doing 8-15 reps, and ideally 10-12.

I'm impressed with your results in the gym though and would like to learn more.
I've lifted for 8 years, but my body hasn't really changed that much, it;s frustrating man. I wanna be jacked but can't afford a PT guru.

I always wish I was a Sidney Crosby who access to a PT.
4-5 days is what every "gym guy" does if they want full results of every muscles ... it's not over training if you do your reps right and the body asks at least 1h of exercise a day anyways.

He said he wants to bulk up ... bulk up = higher weight, lower repetitions (6-8).

The trick is muscle confusion man. Your body gets used to the same exercises in the same order at the same weight. This creates "Plateaus". And when you get to a plateau, it's hard to really burst through it.

Mix up your exercises, mix up your weights, and don't be afraid to superset. Have a training buddy when you bench and do press's. When you can't do one more rep, have your friend spot you and do that extra rep. even if he's the one that lifts it almost up for you, that's the rep that will make a difference

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