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04-08-2011, 02:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Air squating is simpler than front squating. There's no reason someone should put extra weight on themselves if they can't even air squat well.
From what I gathered, you took the time to learn proper technique. If I remember correctly, you even videotaped yourself doing those moves.
In any event, there is a chain of movements to follow. Start air squating properly.

As for the eating habits, due to his weight, yea, he can just eat less and he'll lose weight. But what do you think will happen after he reaches his present goal? he will have to adapt again, otherwise he will pack on weight again. So why not get used to proper eating habits right now?
Diets are temporary, health changes are permanent.
Yeah, for some lifts, I videotaped and I think I should do more of it. Especially since I've had a lot of lower back soreness for the last few months. But anyways, when I was doing oly lifting, even some guys with very poor flexibility started off by doing front squats. It's an easy exercise to learn, go down and up, shoulders on the bar, trunk upright, knees out, belly full of air, body tense.

btw, I'm finishing my first Smolov base meso in two days . I have lower back soreness and a shoulder injury (probably a small tear), so I can't back squat or bench right now. I've been doing overhead presses and front squats, honestly, I forgot just how great front squats are. Amazing exercise.

I've been keeping my stuff really simple lately, I'm going to try a year of my current program and we'll see what happens.

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