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08-06-2005, 09:06 AM
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Originally Posted by nashtrash25
I'm not trying to be negative. Like I said if you people had read my post, I like the signing and think it will work out well. My only concern is that if this guy isn't the same player he was in Anaheim from 1995-00 that the fans will turn on him and call him a disappointment when I think 30-35 goals would be a pretty good year for him. Hey, if he's a 50-55 goal guy, fantastic.

Listen, I'm not a fan who follows blindly like a happy little dog. I feel it's important as a fan to look at all sides of the story, and I don't think what Kariya did in Colorado can be as easily dismissed as a lot of people on here. I live in Denver and am friends with some Avs personnel. You can blame Granato for a lot of things -- hell, I sure have -- and I think it was a mistake to not let Kariya and Selanne play on the same line. Still, Paul shouldn't have whined about it and tried to backstab Tony. Kariya made absolutely no friends here because of the perception that he didn't try hard enough to overcome those injuries and refused to play hurt. Now, does Paul have his side of the story? Sure. I'm just telling you that the front office in Colorado and front office in Anaheim perceive him to be a phony. Salary cap or no salary cap, Colorado didn't give a minute's thought to re-signing him.
Your giving your opinion. Colorado has given no indication that it was displeased with Paul Kariya. Until Paul was not qualified by Anaheim, he was the face of that franchise, their captain, and the best player on their team......Frankly, your pulling your pessimism out of your ____ and extending it to where you want it to go. I saw no indication that Paul was backstabbing people last year, and he looked like he was working hard to me. As I said, I watched the team for 80+ games last season, just like the Predators. He wasn't lazy, he just didn't get the job done. You could tell his wrist injury screwed with his shot the entire year, but torwards the end, he really started to play better before Hartnell effectively ended his stint with the Avalanche. You are quick to call Kariya a backstabber, etc, yet you aren't even looking at his past success in relation to his injuries when looking at how poorly his year went in Colorado. To be honest, you seem like a glass half empty type of guy. You can have that negative view, but expect to be countered often.

Colorado couldn't even resign Peter Forsberg, or Adam Foote, both cornerstones of their franchise for the past 8, and in Footes case, 14 years. They could only offer them 1.5 million for this year.....How the heck are they supposed to pay Paul Kariya more than that, when he wasn't the face of their franchise? Your criticism is baseless in that regard.

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