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Originally Posted by natey2k4 View Post
Has anyone used the Bowflex dumbbells? I was thinking of picking some up from a guy at work for $200 (original cost is $500) and they go from, I think 2.5 LBS all the way up to 52.5 LBS with 2.5 LBS increments. Seems like a pretty sweet deal to complete my home gym. Any thoughts?

As for people that are going to say "just go the gym", remember I work 12-hour nights and live in a small town. Our gym in town is open like 12-hours, so on days I work, unless I interupt my sleep, it's hard to get there on days I work - much easier to workout at home.

I think I've lost between 30-35 pounds now - and that's after slacking hard for a month due to some things I couldn't control. I'm working out more at home now, which is why I want some dumbbells.

I have some Ironman adjustable dumbbells that I assume are the same idea. You just lock or unlock plates to get the desired weight.
I love them. It is a small footprint for a home gym and gives me a lot of options. If I were a bigger fella I could see myself needing heavier options, but for what I use them for, they are perfect.

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