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Originally Posted by eli J View Post
You know, midway through the season, around January, I would've said it must suck being a Senators fan. I root for the Canadiens but I post in here occasionally because I like the Senators, and the city they are from. Apart from Ruutu and Neil (who I realize is a roleplayer) there wasn't a player I disliked on the "old" team. But the god awful stretch they had from November to January or February was brutal. But the organization seems to be taking the rebuild seriously. You can look at a lot of other teams around the league, some making the playoffs and some missing them, and I'm less hopeful for them than I am the Senators. Take the Flames, that little surge of theirs almost got them in the playoffs, so they put off all the rebuild talk, but where are they now? Probable 10th place finish with little to be excited for next year with aging guys with big contracts. The Thrashers, Wild, even my Habs. Yet again we make the playoffs but nothing is expected of us. We'll probably pick relatively high again but there isn't a whole lot to be excited about in our system outside of, idk, Leblanc, and we're still saddled with awful contracts from lame ass UFAs. Hell, you even look at the Oilers who've been rebuilding for awhile and are set to finish dead last yet again. Both the Senators and Oilers are running with AHL/college lineups, but the Senators against all odds are WINNING. You'll probably be out of the playoffs again next year but I think you'll come out of all this with a strong, longlasting team. It's just a shame Alfie won't be on the ice with them to win the cup.

Just don't trade Spezza for the love of god, he may be getting older but he'll do wonders for the young guys!
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I do agree with the easy to read sentence, though... would be stupid to trade Spezza

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