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04-08-2011, 07:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Seph View Post
Bailey should be pretty easy to re-sign to a short deal for cheap, given his poor season. Okposo and Comeau will earn modest raises and probably opt for short deals also. It's signing guys like Okposo and Bailey in a couple years when they've (hopefully) broken out, as well as Tavares next summer, that becomes more of an issue. Having cost certainty over that time in regards to Grabner (if he scores 35+ goals this season on a one year deal, it'll be very difficult to lock him up longterm for anything under 4m). If we can somehow get him to sign to a 3m/year deal now for around 4 years, I think it could come around to bite us to not do it.

There's also the risk of an offer sheet (a 3m/year offer sheet only returns a 2nd round pick). The only surefire way to avoid the offer sheet, is to take him to arbitration, but I imagine he'll get considerably over 3m/year from an arbitrator given his goal totals, and then we have to requalify him every year at that amount to keep him.

I guess my opinion is that both a short term deal for small money, and a longterm deal for larger money are risks. But given how bullish I am on Grabner, the longterm deal presents the smaller risk.
I'm still talking about keeping the salary structure in order for now which will aid in keeping it intact for the near and far future. If Bailey and KO only sign for one year, then improve, what happens next? Grabner could become a starting point for one good year. I don't want that to happen. I'm not worried about this year as much as next year. Setting Grabner at $3 million for next year just risks raising everyone else a bit more than I want at this time.

I wouldn't cry about a $12 million/4 years contract for Grabner. But there's no way that I'm starting with that as Snow. It also goes a bit against what he's been doing of late.

The 4 deals I listed I believe are pro-Islanders, but not unreasonable. Considering that we've had reasonable contract offers of late, I don't want that to change. I want players to get paid exactly what they're supposed to get paid while they're RFAs.

I don't expect Grabner to be anything more than what he's been in the past but at the NHL level. I bet he'll hit 40 goals. I just don't think he'll hit much more that 25 assists. Of course, a 40-25-65 guy is worth a lot, but it still shows that Grabner more self-creates and finishes opportunities given to him more than creates for others. Which is fine, that's his game, and I like his game. (Except he DOES leave the zone early at times. Sometimes, it's really useful and pulls the D back. Other times, he gets caught away from the play if his teammates don't get the puck out.)

I agree with you about there being the risk of him blowing up and expecting more if we only sign him short-term. There's also the risk that he gets out to a slow start and has a similar year. The Islanders have some leverage and they should use it. That's all I'm saying.


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