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Originally Posted by Nubbin View Post
I can't say anything but echo your words exactly. I've had season tickets since 1998. I'm not renewing. I'm done with them. I've spent way to much money for nothing in return except time wasted. I used to be a Mets fan. I haven't watched a baseball game since May of 2009. Believe me, it won't be that hard to do it to hockey either. I haven't remained at a Ranger game this year till the end. I don't care about the talk of the future of Dubinsky, Calahan blah blah blah. 3rd line ringers on any other good team. They look good to Ranger fans because it's relative to what we had in the late 90s and early 2000s. These guys aren't 1st or 2nd liners. THey have bursts of brilliance. Guess what. That's not enough.
So you have experience giving up when things don't go your way? Nice. This should be really easy for you then. I don't see how its possible that you had tickets to every game this year and didn't go to ONE that you could find bearable enough to grace the garden with your all knowing presence until the end of. From reading this it sounds like you spend money supporting the team but don't really like anything about it. Spend money on a team that you like and while you're at it, litter their forums because some of us aren't ready to have an emotional meltdown about something that we all knew was very possible.

What did you think was going to happen? Adding Sauer, McD, Stepan and MZA was going to turn this team into a contender? There hasn't been much turnover since last year and most of the new guys are rookies. Not making the playoffs was always a strong possibility. Callahan and Dubi and "blah blah blah" who I guess is Staal and Lundqvist are great players. Any franchise would be very luck to have them as second liners or Staal as a first pair D. Oh yeah, and this guy Lundqvist is widely regarded by fans of the sport as the best goalie in the world. Not to mention the blah blah blahs of the future like you know, Christian Thomas, Kreider, Hagelin... they're just not going to be good enough right? You already know that.

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