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10-14-2003, 03:51 AM
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Originally Posted by #37-#93-#27
You're like a little girl crying because someone said something you didn't like despite how true it is. Are you this stupid or are you just being ignorant? It's hilarious how you could say all that yet your team is just as pathetic as the Rangers. I don't care however because one thing you, me and everyone esle know, Rangers will always have a chance to win the cup, you can't say that for anyone else specially your team.

I'm glad I got to see my team win when I was old enough to care. I hope maybe you can share that experience one day but right now it seems very unlikely.

I have to jump in here.

I've heard the overnight host on WFAN J. Benigno(a big ranger fan), brag that because the rangers had such deep pockets and the nhl unlike the nba,had no cap, that the rangers could

1.make bad ufa signings,then if they didn't work out, write them off.
2.take on salary huge dump deals like P.Bure for spare parts/Kovolev for spare parts.

well a caps coming next yr.

The Knicks are a good example of a pro team with deep pocketed owners, that can't buy it's way around a cap.If the rangers deep pockets didn't bring success the last 6 yrs without a cap,I don't see how a cap gives them an edge to" always have a chance to win the cup".

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