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10-14-2003, 03:56 AM
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Originally Posted by golfmade
So only positive comments about things are accepted?
Well , Im not pointing you but what's the point of saying you dont like it or it's too USAish ?

I can understand coming in here & criticize a player but now IMO we are talking about free thrash/bash/criticism for a logo/jersey that yes it's kind of USAish but what is the meaning of the ''blue jacket'' if it's not a part of this place & a part of the US history ?

I maybe wrong but sometime I feel there's just too many unnecessary thrash that makes it a little less fun to read threads.

There's some team boards who ask to their posters to not feed the troll & too many are just looking to do that.

Like I said it's only my opinion but I dont understand why a poster feel the need to say something like ''get over yourself. skating around wrapped in the American flag'' just for the fun of expressing their opinions.

It's a free continent , I know but there's a difference between saying only positive stuff & posting when you think it could make a constructive debate & when someone wrote ''it sucks , plain & simple'' , I just dont see that as constructive, that's all .

Just my 2 cents

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