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Originally Posted by Tundraman View Post
Spezza explained his "Oh Wow" reaction to Butler's goal. On the post game show he called it "a goal scorer's goal". He said other players appreciate it because they know how hard it is to score a goal like that where Butler freed himself of a very tight check, popped the puck to his shooting side and then snapped it top shelf.

Also, a reminder of Butler's other goals

Originally Posted by The Waffler View Post
Price has been really something else this season. I don't think goaltending will be the issue for them.
Goaltending is always their biggest strenght for some reason... Roy, Hackett, Theodore, Huet, Garon, Halak, Price all had their best years in Montreal. Just look at Huet, he was MVP worthy in Montreal but wasn't able to repeat elsewhere.

But ya the odds of having another cinderella run are low... even if Price is beastly. They will be facing teams like Boston, Philly, Washington, Pittsburgh in every round (if they win a round or more)

Originally Posted by sensjersey11 View Post
Obviously Butler still has some growth left in him (developmentally, I mean) and is the better player of the two, but I'm a little worried that some people in our fanbase are expecting Butler to have this huge developmental curve in the near future. I just hope people aren't disappointed... Butler is probably good for 20-25 goals in a year, max. His ceiling isn't as high as some fans think. It's unrealistic to expect that a 24-25 year old rookie has this whole other level that he can get to. He'll learn to read NHL defencemen better, and for sure he's going to get more comfortable in the NHL as his career continues, but the skill level you see now is pretty much it.
What's wrong with that kind of production? I see Butler as our future 2nd line Right Winger and that production would be perfect.

You know what? There's only 101 NHL forwards who scored more than 20 goals this year. 101/30 = 3.37 per team on average

Anyway, am I the only not able to find a NHL comparative with Butler? I was thinking of Brad Boyes maybe

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