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04-09-2011, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Chimp View Post
Honestly, I can't see which goal scorer would thrive on this team right now. Grinding behind the net for the majority of our offense, seldom any traffic in front of the goalie, no screens, no deflections, no rebounds, no nothing. Just a grind cycling along the boards followed with a weak perimeter shot at best.

Our outlet passes are terrible - well, our passing is horrible, period - which Gaborik usually thrives from on the run. We almost never get the puck through the neutral zone in an adequate manner. Dump, chase and giveaway. Rinse and repeat, without any real pressure on the opposing net.

Gabby wants a game where we change to the attack quickly, off rushes, which this team is inept of, since again, our passing game, offensive determination and decision making is pathetic. How should I put it? A low average hockey IQ, which is perhaps expected considering the team consists of such young players and a general lack of "that little extra".
yeah. Something like this.
I was going to say that it is not Gaborik who stinks. This smell is all around. Sorry...

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