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10-14-2003, 04:28 AM
Larry Melnyk
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Been saying this all along...This lineup needs youthful energy, speed and enthusiasm injected on a regular basis and needs some of the gutless, hearltess mercenaires strung up by their balls....But, as Brooks commented on this morning and as I and others have commented for months, everything was a done deal from day 1 of camp..No youngster had a chance and there was no competition..And that's a huge reason we are seeing the floating garbage barge on ice....

All of True Blues suggestion is fine by me...It's not too late to fix this thing (relatively speaking) with these types of moves but according to the NY Times Article, Sather plans no changes...Sam old sam old...And more of the utter garbage that is Simon, Hlavac, Rucinsky, Mironov, Maladog, Bouchard, hell, almost every body...

A move like the Stars made would only be a start...And everywhere you turn in the NHL exceptt NY, youngsters are being incorporated into line-ups left and right, and it's helping...Hell, Washington has 2-3 teenagers, 5-6 guys under 23....Ah, what's the use...

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