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Originally Posted by Ktyice72 View Post
here are my picks on some of the top 97`s from manitoba ....comments are fine ..and feel free to share your opinion

(not in order)

top 50
Dallas miller
Ethan Williams
Alec masse
Braden purtill
Ryan Gardiner
Scott petkau
Waylon petkau
Travis Blaine
Tyler Anderson
Tyler kee
Brendan reichart
Zach lamothe
derian weimer
Jordan martin
Riley bouchard
julien koga
Colin burston
Russell ackegan
mark taraschuk
Braden compton
Marshall burgess
Shane roulette
keegan kolesar
tanner kaspick
Keaton jameson
Ethan bear
Jordan stallard
Brendan squires
Jackson keane
Reid stefanson
Jeremy leipsic
Jeremy idzikowski
Alex nanton
darian penner
Garrett armour
Travis kilbrei
Kevin takatch
Dylan reinheimer
jack purvis
josh martineau
Nolan Wisniewski
Dexter kuzcek
Brady valiquette
Julian Uhryniuk
chase fincaryk
Mackenzie dwyer
Thomas lenchyshyn
gianluca esteves
brock pollard
zach court
tristan ezako
trevor weimer
tanner wishnowski
riley thomson
kruz listmayer
jacob penner
aaron boyd
stephen kleysen
quinn werbowski
joel macgillivary
colton veloso
dale goodbrandson
mackenzie cardinal
mattheiu gomercic
ryan schneider
shanan mcfadden
matt gunhouse
shane dillion
nic kowalski
tristan lemoine
brenan cochrane
colt conrad
james shearer
wade allison
liam mcleod

thats about 75

im sure ive forgotten some good players ..feel free to let me know

or ask questionms about these boys and ill do my best to answer
I am a first time user here, and i just saw this and i have been around the city watching some aaa and aa games during the year. There are many kids on here that i don't agree with, and there could be many additions as well. Also, i happened to watch some playoffs between the Hawks and Warriors, and there's a GIRL on the hawks! Anybody heard anything about her before? Last name Bracken.

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