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04-09-2011, 11:44 AM
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This is what this fanbase is all about. You want the wrong players, then you get upset at them when you realize what should have been obviously clear to you from the start: that this team is wrong for those players.

How can you possibly expect Marian Gaborik to score goals when there is NO ONE on the team to pass him the puck? How can you expect a player who should only be touching the puck right before he has to shoot it to be successful when everytime he's on the ice, he's the one that has to carry it into the offensive zone?

This is rudimentary, elementary and fundamental COMMON SENSE! This is the same thing that happened with Chris Drury. He shouldn't have been acquired in the first place, but it's not his fault this team doesn't put him in the right position.

This team doesn't even have a "system" to speak of. They make sure a hockey game doesn't break out because they are talentless and they cannot compete with well-built NHL clubs. You're talking about Gaborik not fitting into the system? Why would you want anyone to fit into a system that is designed for teams that are average at best? Isn't the goal to get better players so that you can actually play a REAL system?

The whole point of what's going on here, the whole point of getting Brad Richards, is so that they don't have to play this ******** "system" anymore.

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