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04-09-2011, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by johnjm22 View Post
Yeah Murray is definitely the reason Penner isn't skating, isn't shooting, can't stickhandle, and can't pass.

TM's "system" is pretty simple. Penner said himself that it was basically the same as what he came from. There's not much to learn.
What's Penner going to say? "Wow, this system is really bad, they don't allow for any offensive creation. It is all about dumping and praying for deflections and rebounds."

Murray has already said that Penner was having trouble adapting to the extremely structured system. The Kings have to play perfect to squeak out 2-1 and 3-2 shootout wins.

As soon as Williams and Kopitar went down for the season, Murray should have opened up the offense. The Kings are no longer able to win the 2-1 style games because Kopitar was the one that was counted on the get that 2nd goal every game. He's the only player that can get a point per game while playing the structured system. Once they are gone, the team doesn't generate enough scoring chances to get that 2nd goal. With Kopitar/Williams, the Kings could win those 2-1 games over 60% of the time and without them, they will be lucky to win 40% of those types of games.

I would rather see the team losing 4-3 than 2-1. At least in the 4-3 losses you are giving your team a better chance of winning since your goalies and defense are usually better than the other team and they may be able to stop that 3rd or 4th goal. But asking the defense and goalie to give up only 1 goal and having almost zero margin for error, is not conducive to winning.

Does anyone really see this style of offense being able to score 3 goals without the shootout? I don't see it without Kopitar and Williams.

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