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Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
No, I don't. I think he's an inefficient player and I think he has a LONG way to go to be NHL-ready as far as the mental part of the game foes. He makes Garnet Exelby-like mistakes.

The one thing that sets him a part from other players is his hitting, but the majority of his hits are the result of him chasing puck handles and giving up valuable positioning. As opposed to Michael Sauer, who might do something like that once a month.

Semi-mocking. It doesn't matter what style you play. What matters is making good decisions more often than not. Michael Sauer is a phenomenal decisionmaker. Rarely makes a mistake. Rarely goes to the wrong place on the ice. Rarely turns the puck over. Rarely gets beat one-on-one. And most of this was true about Sauer when he played juniors. McIlrath makes mistakes every other shift, and pretty gruesome ones. Mistakes that make you (or me, at least) want to bang my head against the wall and throw things at the computer screen/TV.
Examples of the last statement? Where were you all season with pointing out instances of this? Several people were curious about this game-game and no one said one word about it. Now to summarize his whole season as every other shift a gruesome mistake seems misleading and exaggeration. How is he on the top pairing if that's true? You must not have very good things to say about the coaching staff in Moose Jaw if they leave such a defensive cancer on the top pairing.

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