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04-09-2011, 02:35 PM
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I think it was the sloppy seconds suspension that did Avery in. He's had a huge target on his back ever since and is having a hard time finding a balance between being disciplined and an effective agitator.

There were a bunch of times this season when I thought that Avery looked like the Avery of old, but he was getting penalized for every little thing that he did. Rangers fans got pissed, "Avery is soooo undisciplined, why can't he be like he used to?" The refs won't allow his antics anymore.

Avery had a relatively quiet year, yet fans and players always bring him into the conversation whenever Cooke or "dirty" players are mentioned, although Avery isn't dirty at all. Avery's reputation precedes him and everyone has their mind made up about him before he even steps on the ice. I've always liked Avery but it's entirely possible that his days as an effective agitator are over.

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