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04-09-2011, 02:43 PM
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I'm so proud of this team

I know. We've all said it (or at least thought it) - "Until this team has success in the playoffs, they haven't accomplished anything." I know I've said it. I still find myself saying it now. Will I be upset if they flame out again, probably. But what this team is doing this year, what they've done in the past 7 years, really cannot be ignored.

I love being a Preds fan.

I'm proud of this team. There's something charming about it. I guess I'd always rather be the underdog that the favorite. It makes winning all the more enjoyable. And to know that on virtually any given knight, we're outmatched on paper - The other team should win if you look just at the rosters and the payrolls. But the Preds win, and they win a lot. I think only 2 other teams have won more consistently since the lockout. That's amazing! That's so much fun. And we do it our way.

Think about how many meaningless games the Preds have had. In recent memory, I can count of about 2 or 3. So while I'm cheering so hard for us to finally have a deep playoff run, it's a ball being a Nashville Predators fan.

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