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04-09-2011, 03:21 PM
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Anders Hedberg was the commentator (jesus that I never learn the english word for this, what's Joe M's position called? The expert next to the play-by-play game covering a game?) for one of our games a few weeks ago for Swedish TV, and was asked about the Swedes for the upcoming draft (and basically said "I can't get into ranking them, but its no secret that Adam Larsson is very high regarded by everyone, he mentioned Landeskog, another kid and Mika Zinbanejad (had problems pronouncing his game FWIW )), and then said something really interesting and used the last NYR draft as a example.

He said that when building a team you do not want careful players, you want players who, in lack of better translation -- have their way (sw: tar för sig), and he then said sometimes you pass on more talented players to get a player like that (which I definitely interpreted as if he referred to Fowler). And he explained more and talked about it for a good couple of minutes. Talked about how you want players who thrive when going outside their box et c., because in important games, when it matters, its that type of players who basically always are the deciding factor. And Fowler, from what I've seen of him, is the opposite of that. Sure he is very good, but so cautious. Won't step outside his comfort level.

He definitely made a very good argument. And McIlrath is definitely that type of player. I've seen some of him this season, and I've started to like the pick for sure.

I love Sauer, don't get me wrong. But he is the extremely loyal type. If I was a officer in a war, and needed to pick one guy from this team to leave behind and slow down the enemy, and I wanted to be absolutely sure that that guy would stay and not run as soon as I got out of sight -- I would pick Sauer.

But McIlrath is the type you notice. He'll get headlines. He wants headlines. He will do good and not so good stuff, kind of like a Pronger. And probably get in trouble here and there. But in the really big games, he's also the type that probably will step up and be on the frontline all the time.

In terms of style, they are pretty simular, or will be in the NHL I guess at least. While McI probably have more potential. But they are different characters.

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