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08-06-2005, 03:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Gee Wally
agreed...there is still along way to go in this chess game..

I also have a hunch that a team or 2 that haven't done anything yet are waiting ..just waiting..For 2 reasons.

What's available when the smoke clears ( buyouts) and how hard they can put the screws to their own RFAs due to no vacancies any where else.

I find it all quite interesting.
What I am unsure of is whether the next round of buyouts are strictly compliance buyouts or whether if you have a player go to arbitration is it open season for buyouts? If the latter this could be fascinating.

As you note the remaining RFA's could be in a real squeeze and since the QO's expire (although their rights are still held) you could see some interesting contracts and trades of rights.

It looks a lot like high stakes poker - maybe this is the new NHL marketing ploy??????

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