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04-09-2011, 06:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Scottkmlps View Post
So, two straight 46 win seasons, which has NEVER happened in Kings history, dictates that Murray is the wrong guy? I would love to read your reasons why you think that Murray is the wrong guy. Please, enlighten us all.
Again that is a thing of expectations.
Well we have like players like Doughty, Johnson Scuderi and Green as your defense core plus players like Kopitar, Brown etc...
That means a monkey could coach the Kings to the playoff.

What i want from a coach is not to put in numbers.
It's the whole game. I could puke when he says his favorite "little things"

If you want to win the cup you have to be able to dominate an opponent team.
That means you have to act and set the pace.
This is one of the main things Murray can't do. He is just a REACTING guy. He is just adjusting to something that dominates us.

Just follow our regular offense game.
Someone enters the zone at the board and throws it into the middle.
Would you call it creative ??? Would you call it game plan ??? would you call it difficult to defend ????
We are the team with the fewest scored goals fromm allplayoff teams east and west.
What that means to us will show after our 1st round loss.

I want acoach that wants to win games.
Murray is type of guys who is playing not to lose and this is a big difference.
This team has no soul... no character and no emotions.
I want a coach who is giving the Kings an identity something the players are fighting for.
If someone in this organisation isn't able to do that he has to be removed.
And in this case i have to agree with you. Kompon has to go.
No if's and when's he simply has to go.

With that said...... i don't care the 46 wins are a record or something important.
What i see is a team who isn't able to dominant other teams

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