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Originally Posted by IceAce View Post
I've been to about 80 of them, most of them during the 25 years I had season tickets when I lived in the NY Metropolitan area. I GET the rivalry. What I don't get is the obsession with everything they do, and the need to see them fail overshadow the need to see the Islanders succeed. I don't know, maybe it's because some of you are too young to have known a time when the Isles actually had success and the Rag$ were considered beneath us? Trust me, they dont obsess over us like we obsess over them. We havent given them a reason to in almost 2 decades.
I've been an Islander fan since 1972-73. I remember drafting Billy Harris and all of the fanfare about what he would become (never came to fruition). My younger brother, also wanted to start with a new team as well, so he became an Atlanta Flames fan (it was difficult that christmas for my mom and dad trying to find an Atlanta Flames jersey on Long Island). He's still a Flames fan to this day.

I used to see the Islanders practice at Royal Ice Rink in Kings Park. Terry Crisp was a fan favorite. He was generous with his time at those practices and would interact quite a bit with the fans on hand.

I will never forget the abuse I had to put up with, when Davidson and the Rangers upset us in the playoffs.

The hatred runs deep, believe me!

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