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08-06-2005, 08:56 PM
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[QUOTE=Ejh18]Its been hours now since has been reporting that ESPN is reporting that Nash has signed, yet... has nothing about it. has nothing about it. has nothing about it. says only that they are putting the finnishing touches on a contract.

Good point. You might be on to something.
To all you Columbus fans, this has nothing to do with what Rick Nash brings to the NHL, or the CBJ, he is a wonderful talent, but you must have short memories, think of all the Gary Bettman bashing during the lockout, he along with the owners took a stand to correct the economics of the game, they seemed to succeed.
Now after the lockout Bob Clarke had to low ball his future stars Carter and Richards, their contracts have NO bonus features, no one has signed for the max, and now Maclean signs a player on his second pro contract that pays him more than Forsberg, Thornton, Brodeur, Gonchar, Lecavalier, Richards, St Louis.
Most GM's thought the $4/4.5M contract were high to esetablished players.
Your argument that he is the franchise is bit lame, then Sidney Crosby should be the highest paid player for Pittsburgh, forget about the entry level cap. He is the franchise
Why do you think there was a lockout??

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