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04-09-2011, 11:16 PM
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I'm not all that bummed about losing this game, because all week long I expected to lose it. I just worried that our season would come down to having to win to make it.

To be honest, we didn't play a whole lot better last night...we just got a few more breaks and made them count, but on the whole, the games looked like similar puck possession dominance displays that saw us get outshot, outworked, outchanced, and spend a fair amount of time chasing the other team around.

I'm not ready to say that we're screwed in the playoffs because we didn't get home ice, but I'm a little disappointed that in such a big game, we very, very clearly didn't seem to want it badly enough to bear down on the puck.

If there is one concerning thing -- this is another example of failure when all the marbles are on the line. We still can't seem to close it out when it counts. We blew the game vs Detroit with the division in our grasp(though ultimately that game becomes less painful, because we wouldn't have won it anyway, with the loss tonight), and now we get rubbed out in a game that would secure home ice.

This whole season has been about redemption from possibly the lowest on-ice moment in team history, last's just a little disconcerting that it doesn't seem like we've learned our lesson.

Hoping that the Ducks and Sharks hold on to their leads, and Chicago wins tomorrow. At this point, our most likely opponents are DRW or ANA, and I think we could pull an upset over Detroit, but I think we'd go out in 5 to the Ducks. We'll see.


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