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04-10-2011, 01:27 AM
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Originally Posted by The Alaskan Assassin View Post
It truly can't get much worse.
Originally Posted by Moo View Post
Yes it can; Shelton isn't fired and stays the whole season is one example.
Originally Posted by The Alaskan Assassin View Post
If the Rays improve the hitting, which they undoubtedly will, it will be in spite of Shelton as we've demonstrated in the past. You don't really think we'll still be hitting .140 by the end of the year do you? The inevitable improvement shouldn't be a testament to the ability of Shelton as much as the expected improvement of the players that are severely underachieving, which is almost everyone.

I'm over the Shelton show.
Moo, normally i'd give you the benefit of the doubt but we're discussing the release of Shelton and how long it would take to get someone else into place and so on and your debate point is keeping him indefinetly. Not a good talking point man.

There are the two obvious things at play here - regression to the mean, and coaching in the current. Even is Shelton is terrible, we can expect guys to move back towards career averages, right?

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