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10-14-2003, 06:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Nillson2Berge2Weinie
Come back to me 15 years from now to tell me Luongo, Jokinen, Heatley for Kvasha, Parrish, Dipietro was a bad trade.

See Wienie--this just sums you up right there.

HOMER if there ever was one!!!

Any nonbiased, knowledgable hockey fan wouldn't take your side of that trade yesterday, today or 15 yrs down the road as you suggest.

Luongo is what you HOPE Dipietro will become.It is far from certian that will happen despite Ricky having great talent.That end of the trade we'll call even despite Roberto proving he's the real deal while Little Ricky still has to prove it.But since I'm such a nice guy we'll call it even.

Know comes the hysterical part----

Heatley+Jokinen OR Kvasha+Parrish

Do we even need to continue????

Heatley will be a top 3 player in the game for the next decade by next year.He is a FRANCHISE PLAYER and is only going to get even better.Same goes for Gaborik who you also could've/should've taken.This is how you build teams able to consistently contend when you are a low revenue team as the Isles and were at the end of a decade long rebuild.

Jokinen is better than BOTH Parrish and Kvasha.The deal is just plain ridiculous.Nothing needs to be said on the matter but you go on and keep hoping that it somehow looks different in 15 yrs.

This trade along with the whole Yashin debacle crippled the Isles and prevented them from bulding up a serious team that would be very, very good for quiet a long time.

Maxing yourselves out in giving up a young superstar(yes another one) in Spezza, who will prove to be a Jason Allison type player with better goal scoring, as well as the best defensive d-man in the east in 6-9 Chara while being short on size and toughness on your blueline was almost as bad as the Loungo trade.

You could have had a t op line of Heatley-Spezza-Jokinen who have nothing but tremendous upside as well as making considerably less than a line of Parrish-Yashin-Kvasha(Not that either of these lines would be played together but just that these are the 3 guys involved) leaving yourselves with significant $$$ to upgrade other positions rather than forking over 90 million over 10 yrs to Yashin thus having him eat up 1/4 of your total payroll for a decade and strapping you with this burden if some sort of cap/luxury tax is implemented.

And all these moves were made with one goal in mind---to save Milbury's a$$.Nothing more, nothing less.He wanted to make headlines and he wanted some immediate success but if you don't see just how dreadful these moves were and how they crippled the Isles from becoming a top young team then I hope your happy in your denial.

And these Milbury moves came after all the Bertuzzi/McCabe for Linden, Brewer for Hamrlik, Berard for Potvin debacles.

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