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04-10-2011, 07:14 AM
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I think my favourite part about TFC is that it gives people another reason to trash MLSE...

I understand it with the Leafs. So many longtime Leafs fans can't be happy with the way things have gone, but at the same time, they aren;t about to give up cherring for their team.

With TFC, if you don't want to cheer for the soccer team, no one is forcing you to. There are tons of other teams in other leagues to cheer for if you want. But, people just want to talk about politics and almost never actual soccer games.

Anyway, I watched the first half yesterday and they didn't look half bad. Stevanovic was the focal point, with spirited play up the left side. In terms of pure talent, he is one of the best we have. He has his flaws to, but he looks like he is getting more and more comfortable.

He created the goal, though it was not a pretty one, you need those goals on the road. The defense let them down on the equalizer. But, they maintained the road draw. In the past, they have given that point away pretty consistently.

On the down side, Martina hardly saw the ball on the right side. I would like to see them switch it up a little more.

Gordon was solid again. Not overly skilled, but he is not soft. He wins the ball and can score the ugly goals. This team will need that.

No one else really stood out for me in the first half. The draw on the road is good to see. Too often, we have let those points slip away in the past.

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