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08-06-2005, 11:17 PM
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learn something new everyday, I've played hockey for 45 years and always believed that, even for a second, the goalie may not see the puck properly.

Tape on the blade can be any colour, except, in my opinion, white, and is there to cushion the puck a bit so that when you get a pass it is less likely to bounce off, and to give your teammate a contrasting target to aim his pass. For this reason I don't like white tape on the blade, but I'm not willing to drop the gloves over it if someone chooses to camouflage their stick so I can't see it well enough to pass it to them. People with white tape on their blades should expect to get fewer passes and less accurate ones to boot.

Some people feel that the black tape behind a black puck may make it hard for the goalie to see the puck or the angle of the blade and might make it a bit easier to get one past him, but I've never heard a goalie say this.'s%20Shinny/sticks.htm

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