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04-10-2011, 09:23 AM
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Have a little bit of concern about sullivan. maybe things have been discussed, but i havent seen it, and i was at a beer fest all day yesterday, so i am not sure what his status is. But I hope the team does not feel some obligation to him to have him play in the playoffs. He is very timid out there, and is afraid to get touched or touch anyone. that is not a good thing to have in one of your "leaders" in the playoffs.

and then i got to thinking what our record was with and without him lately and came up with this. Now i am sure there are other factors in there (other players hurt/in lineup..etc), but still interesting. I left out the first two games after he was out of lineup, and back in to it for line adjustments and such.

10-5-1 dec 28-feb 3
3-3-1 feb 9-feb 24
11-3-3 mar 1-april 5

I think we all know sully is at the end of his career, but I am pretty sure I dont want him anywhere near the playoffs. Wonder if when he is on the team if there is a small shift in leadership. Maybe he takes over in a way that people start looking to him more than shea,suter,etc..or the other leaders dont lead as much...and it is not a good thing. I dont know, just thinking out loud, or in writing anyway

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