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04-10-2011, 09:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Geoffrion View Post
Rally for Callys Balls?
Edit: no

It's just Cally's Balls?
Edit: no

Cally's Balls - it's just pain?
Edit: hell no

So much for trying to cross-breed the current ideas.

-This team has balls
-Rally for Cally
-It's just pain

My favorite order.

few more ideas:
-Ghosts. Ex-Rangers, preferably one's that are deceased.

-Not sure how to word this. We'll need to find pics of our current players as kids, teens, and adults. From Boyz to Men to Hockey Players. Kinda ghey though.

-Underdog theme. Not that stupid little cartoon dog though. We're the 8th seed playing the 1st seed. Nobody's picking us to do anything.

-Mockery of the Devils. Maybe a few photoshops of Marty/Kovy golfing. "Sucks to be you muahahaha"

-Sweet-16 countdown. As we win, the number shrinks.

-Lundqvist. We all know he's the only reason we have a chance to do anything. Can get creative with this. Spine-related avatar. Standing on his head avatar, etc..

-God-Mode. Would be a 2-stage avy. Docile version of a players face, then an aggresive one. I already have some pics in mind with 2 players of ours; dubi+cally. They have awesome facial expressions. Prospal too.

Just some ideas. I'm sure some of the more creative heads out here might be able to tweak something and make it decent.
you mean beast mode. That would be really cool.

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