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04-10-2011, 12:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Dr. Ogrodnick View Post
We don't, but obviously there are a lot of reasons to think NY is pretty high on his list.
No doubt, but it was said "both sides want it," which sounded like it was a known fact. I was just curious.

-Most career success Richards ever had was under Torts, and the two still maintain a warm relationship.
True. Brad said one of the weirdest things when he was traded was sitting down and talking to Torts not as his coach.

-Original 6 team, which I believe he has indicated he would like to play for if possible.
I've heard this also, but with the clarification that he really just wants to get back to the east.

-Good young team on the upswing with an obvious hole for the exact roles he fills.

-Stable ownership and a reputation for doing everything first class for its players.
Bonuses - which also now hold true for Tampa, as well. Added to that the fact that he still has a home here and two of his best friends still play here. Seriously, tho, as I said elsewhere, while we have heard from many sources that Tampa would be his first choice (and that he'd be willing to sign for a discount to accomplish it), that doesn't mean he thinks it's probable, or that Yzerman would even be interested considering we've got to think about out situation in goal and on D.

-Finally, and possibly most important, a GM who loves to spend money. Good for both Richards and the fact that Slats will always spend to try and better the team, something that may be important to Brad after dealing with the current Stars cash flow situation.
I think ownership stability is very high on Richards' list of requirements. That also now applies to Tampa - we have a stable owner with deep pockets and a GM with permission to spend. That GM is a bit on the conservative side, however, and I'm not sure he'd feel the necessary investment to land Richards would be something he'd want to do.

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