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04-10-2011, 01:42 PM
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Got a really good tip from a russian minor league hockey coach the other day. I need to use it:

When the defender is "inside" of your turn, get both edges into it so if they push you you don't fall over. However, that means if the defender is on the outside of your turn (say, if you're curling to the slot and the defender is between you and the goal) you have to stay on both inside edges or you'll just fall over when bumped. It also allows you to shoot without changing your footing position if you're traveling laterally.

On the stick aspect, if you're on your backhand you need to have your stick somewhat to the side and in close to you but with the top hand away from he body--basically, don't have your stick directly in front of you (which is what I was doing). This not only shields the puck, but allows alot more mobility and ability to pick up the puck, catch passes, and soften stick-checks.... and it also keeps the puck in a better shooting position for a backhand.

It's pretty obvious, but not something I consciously had thought of before. I'm hoping to use it going forward but need a lot more practice. Still, just starting to do the right things has given me a little more strength on the puck.

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