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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
And you're also putting a spin on games that are in the regular season. Big games are what happens in the post season. We have never won a game when we're facing elimination. We've won 1 road game in 5 series. We've never won a playoff series. Forgive me if I don't seem overly optimistic come playoff time with our team history.

When I see the team blowing leads like they have the last few weeks I beg to wonder if they've learned anything from the Chicago collapse last year. If they haven't, this will be a 5 or 6 game series and we'll talk in October.

I'm not saying they don't have it in them to win a series but until they do I'm cautiously optimistic at best.

We have the edge in goal. Our top pair is better than their top pair but I think overall the blue lines are about even. They have the edge up front. We'll see who steps up and who becomes the heroes for both teams. I hope that Erat is back and healthy and that the boys all step it up. It's gonna be a fun series to watch.
I'm sure teams would disagree about big games only happening in the playoffs. Hell, I'm sure Carolina and Chicago would disagree with you here in the last 2 days. It's hypocritical for calling the team out for never winning a big game when referring to a regular season game and then come out and say regular season games aren't big games. They absoutley are. If we lose that Dallas or Anaheim game in regulation we probably miss the playoffs. If you want to judge the current team by failures past go ahead that's your right. I'll judge them by how they perform in the present.

As far as the Ducks go, first in regards to non hockey Pros and Cons:

Pro: Meeting new blood in the playoffs for the first time is always exciting IMO.

Cons: Late night Pacific games

As far as the hockey go for the Preds we must:

-Limit Getzlaf,Perry,Ryan,Selanne

-Take advantage of a Defense and Goaltending that is nowhere close to elite. Out of all playoff series we ever played this will be the best matchup we ever had with the potential of scoring goals.

- Need Erat back bad and Legwand's line needs to get back on track and Fish's line needs to keep going like it is.

- Secondary guys like Halischuck and Boomer, Wilson, etc need to chip in some.

- And of course Pekka has to be Pekka in top form cause you can guarantee the Ducks are going to get some great chances every game.

For the Ducks:

- They need their big 4 to keep up their hot streaks.

- They need secondary scoring from guys like Koivu,Blake,Mcmillian,Belesky.

- Their Defense/Goaltending has played very well lately. The best it's played all season and at the perfect time. If their D and goaltending play at a high level I fear we will be gone quickly.

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