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04-10-2011, 02:47 PM
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I think every Kings fan would take this match up over Vancouver (or DET for that matter) any day of the week. That being said, the Sharks have been amazing since January, so the odds are definitely going to be in their favor.

I like the Kings D and goaltending in this series, but the offensive depth of the Sharks is pretty scary. Getting at least 2 out of the 3 in Williams, Schenn and/or Parse would help cut that offensive gap by a little bit in the Kings favor. If anyone of those guys play in a game, they better be taking minutes from Ryan Smyth.

I love Smyth for what he has stood for in his career and when we look back at his time here, I think he will be remembered in a good light. Compared to a lot of the other veteran players that have come over to the Kings at the end of their careers, he has always given effort. It just seems that he can't play at the NHL level any longer, whether that is due to age, or some back injury like Barry hinted at a few weeks back. But he's not longer effective in the offensive zone and is a -1 waiting to happen every time the puck is in the Kings' end of the ice. It's unfortunate that the Kings are on the hook for his contract next year, but this was a known risk at the time of the trade for Smyth, so you can't say that DL hasn't had time to prepare for this offseason with this scenario.

Honestly, for the Kings to have any chance, Terry Murray has got to be able to manage his lines judiciously. Putting Westgarth in the line up is just plain stupid now. I'd rather see Drewiske or Harrold in his spot, as they bring no less offense than him, and it would be nice to have an extra d-man who can play the PK on the roster in case the Kings run into penalty trouble, which is a very likely scenario if SJ brings it in the offensive zone, like we all know they can. If Murray was smart, he would have put Drewiske in at forward (something he has done before at the NHL level) these past few games to give him some game time. Smart use of the timeout by Murray is also needed. If the Kings are getting blown out early, then call the timeout, give everyone a chance to calm down and get back on the same page. Don't save it for god sakes, as the margin for error is going to be ultra slim, if not non-existant.

We all know Quick is going to start, but if he's clearly given up some stoppable shots and is kicking out fat rebounds in the slot, then Bernier has to get the call right away. Don't wait till they're 2-3 goals down before pulling Quick.

We all know what we have here with this Kings team in the area of offense. Even with Kopitar & Williams playing for most of the year, they are one of the worst teams going to the playoffs in terms of goals & PP. It isn't realistic to expect them to score more then 2-3 goals a game. So that means no too many men on the ice bench minors. No stupid boarding penalties by Ponikarovsky in the offensive zone. No skating with his head down and the puck in his feet in the neutral zone by Moller. 9 minutes of ice time a game max for Ryan Smyth. And Jarret Stoll hitting the net with that beautiful one timer of his at least 3 times a game.

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