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04-10-2011, 05:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Captain G View Post
Send gomez to the AHL and go for Richards no matter what and i wouldnt mind if the tickets become more expensive if they sign a big name like Richards.

Plekanec/Richards one two punch DAMN

Pacioretty - Richards - Gionta
Cammy - Plekanec - AK
Given that our organization is all about saving face, I doubt we demote him or that it's even a consideration. Keep in mind, beyond our organizations thoughts, he's still respected by many players in this league, especially in the dressing room, and in the players eyes, it's not his fault he got offered a contract that pays more then he's worth. That being said, there are other options we could pursue through trade that likely wouldn't cost us and assets going forward.

Looking at the free agent pool, beyond Richards the next best center available is Fleischmann who has been injured for half the season. As usual, a lot of teams need top line centers this off season and a lot of teams will still need one after July 1st. Teams like Toronto, Columbus, and Atlanta all need a top-line center, are desperate to make the playoffs, and have cap space. Losing out on Richards could lead them to kick the tires on Gomez who could be had for a relatively cheap price without us giving up assets to try to entice another team.

Another option is that we trade him to a team like the Oilers or back to the Rangers for a player like Redden or Souray who is already in the minors. That way we don't have to worry about saving face while demoting a player as the player was in the minors in the first place. In the case of Souray, we can even spin it as a player who did a lot for us once and try to play it off as a reclamation project gone wrong.

Just some thoughts beyond the usual demote him or try to trade with a prospect to tempt other teams. I'd rather see us hold onto the prospect then use them to do something like trade away Gomez anyway.

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