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10-14-2003, 07:26 AM
Chapin Landvogt
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Now lets be realistic folks. I remember that draft distinctly, and at now point were Heately and Gaborik talked about as if they were ever gonna be as good as they're turning out to be. Nor did anyone predict Dipietro would be a future Vezina winner or anything.

As an Islander fan, I too wondered incredibly what the sense was in trading the best goalie in the world just to draft another goalie prospect, one who was at least 2 years from regular duty? However, I also thought Jokinen was useless at that point and knew that Luongo, his agent and Milbury had clashed on several occasions. In addition, Luongo appeared to be a moody kid whose psychological make-up wasn't what Milbury had desired. Right or wrong, stupid or not, Milbury showed signs of great doubt in Luongo's last season in this organization.

Now, whereas I would NOW say that I'd personally prefer having Luongo, Jokinen and Heately/Gaborik, I cannot deny that
1) Neither Luongo nor Jokinen have seen the playoffs, Kvasha and Parrish have seen them two years running.
2) Luongo gets great press, but he is still more or less a 1-win-for-every-2-losses goaltender. I suspect that'll eventually change, but that's the case after 3 seasons of regular duty.
3) Jokinen's explosion last season fooled everyone. I wonder if there was anyone who expected that (whereas I did draft him in a rotisserie league and boy was he a pleasant surprise).
4) Dipietro is currently playing and Heately and Gaborik are not. Heately will miss this season.
5) Parrish has produced the most positive output out of ALL four players involved in that trade whereas Kvasha has been the most disappointing.

However folks, the actions of that day cannot yet be measured.
- Gaborik and Heately are both great, with Heately possibly being the best young player in the world. However, there is no telling what the psychological effects of this tragedy will mean for the rest of his career in addition to his physical injuries.
- And we all know it takes longer for goalies to mature and become winners and Dipietro has done so nicely, with this season now being his first. There's no telling what his limits are or if he'll be better than Luongo or if he'll simply win more than Luongo. It can't be determined.
- In addition, captain Jokinen must continue proving himself, and is not yet a sure thing. He should still be at least a 50 point guy.
- Parrish seems to be the consistently inconsistent 20-25 goalscorer, and he'll chip in that many helpers too.

What, however WILL be the absolute decisive factor in this entire thing is what Kvasha does. For those who are in the know - and who else has seen more than Islander fans - Kvasha himself is the only thing standing between scoring 25 points a year and 85. He has all the tools to be every bit as dominating as his linemate Yashin. Patience has been the keyword with Kvasha, but please leave yourselves no room for doubt, Kvasha COULD still be the BEST player of the bunch (i.e., Luongo, Dipietro, Jokinen, Parrish, Gaborik, Heately).

Don't bet on it, you folks say? Don't worry, I won't.
But the true winner of this day of deals has yet to be determined.

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