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Originally Posted by azrok22 View Post
A NMC does not prevent a team from buying out a player.

This has been discussed here elsewhere on this board (probably the Drury thread), but I don't have time to go find it now.
Now that I have another minute, Darcy Tucker was bought out despite having a NMC.

Just to clear up a matter relating to my blog on Darcy Tucker from Monday night, the long-time Leafs' winger has a no-movement clause in his contract. There was some confusion over whether Tucker's restriction applied only to trades, but he, in fact, cannot be dealt, or demoted to the AHL Toronto Marlies. The only option the Leafs have in paring him from the club -- if they so choose -- is to buy out the remaining three years of his deal.

If the Leafs decide to purchase the remainder of Tucker's contract, they must first provide him with a 24-hour window to either accept the buyout, or choose to be placed on unconditional waivers. In just about every circumstance, a player will elect the buyout option, for it comes with both a monetary handshake (two-thirds of the remaining dollar figure) and unrestricted free agency.
The player has the option of being placed on waivers prior to the buyout, but cannot exercise the NMC to prevent the buyout.

I remember doing a more thorough explanation citing the relevant CBA provisions at some point, but don't remember where.

Summary: If Sather chooses to buyout Drury, there's nothing Drury can do to stop it.

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