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Originally Posted by Anton Bomb View Post
And if you believe the letter to be anything akin to demanding the firing of a coach, it's no wonder you found it to be inane.

Barring an angry mob of burning Mo effigies, fans don't have that kind of power. And even then, JR would probably stick to his guns.
Dude, you may as well be asking him to cut off his own pinky. There's nothing he can do about anything in your letter. What do you want him to say?

"Yes AB. You're right. There's no excuse for the way we played those two games. I will immediately begin work on some kind of time travel. Once we've harnessed the technology, instead of using it to right some of the biggest wrongs in the history of the planet (the Holocaust and several assassinations immediately spring to mind), we'll go back three years and get a do-over on that first one. We'll try it as many times as possible until we satisfy your irrational desire to have us play to some unreasonable combination of energy, will and success at home.

While I get to work on that (please realize this could take a while), please enjoy 20 percent off at The Eye (now with three convenient Triangle locations) for the next six hours."

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