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04-10-2011, 09:56 PM
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I wanted to add that, no offense, but I think this letter is not worth your time. It's incredibly frustrating for the team to have lost last night's game, but it's inevitable that you're going to lose some games.

I only watched the first two periods (before I went and saw Dr. Dog - great concert!), but it was clear to me that the Canes didn't not care. They had some nerves and once Tampa got the early lead they "cheated" as another poster said. Rather than work as a team, the guys tried to do more on their own and Tampa capitalized on some mistakes we don't normally make.

Is this unfortunate? Of course. However, the fact that we were trying so hard and that we put up 44 shots on goal is indicative that the players do care. After the game, the fans go home and go to work a few days later. For the players, they are left with the devastating fact that work is over for them and they fell short of their goal. Eric Staal had 6 shots on goal on Saturday and 10 in the season finale loss to Florida in 2008. He may appear to be lazy because of his skating, but I can guarantee you Eric is probably going to be angry at himself for weeks after losing this game. The other players I'm sure feel the same way (except Pitkanen - he's a soft Euro who actually prefers losing ). Their entire lives are dedicated to winning hockey games, whereas for us it's a hobby.

As fans, we don't deserve anything, really. We pay money for the games and it's a choice. Thank the Lord we don't root for a franchise like Florida who encourages other teams to come to the games or throws a party on the last game of the season when they finish with the 3rd worst record in the NHL (they did last year, seriously). But even if we did, it'd be our choice to pay for those games. If the team sucks, then don't go to the games. Complaining that the team should win a game they didn't is pointless. Complaining about a more tangible reason for losing (i.e. coaching, trades, ice times, or performance of individual players) is something else entirely.

Incidentally, in the letter you complain that the Canes lost 2 games with everything on the line. However, you fail to mention the two game 7s in 2006 (which were played at home), in which we had MORE on the line and we did win. Oh yeah, and the other 2 game 7s in 2009 we won (but those were on the road so they may not count) and the 3 game 6s we won in 2002.

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