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08-07-2005, 09:31 AM
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Man, the people that are fans of the big market teams are a bunch of freaking whiners. Part of the reason the league is where its at now is because of some of these teams. Hell, look at the rangers. They went out before the lockout offering player ridiculous amounts of money. The NHL was headed in the same direction as major league baseball. Where your big markets sign every big name prospect in hopes of dominating and brining in more money with a championship season.

The funny thing is, that with the cap. Teams like Pittsburgh that couldn't afford to sign these players can now. And the teams that were signing players for those pathetically high prices(Rangers) are screwed because they were stupid when it came to signing players.

And Craig Patrick has done a hell of a job making this team into what it is now. And should be appreciated for all he has done. This is nothing more than a example of a smart team. There are alot of teams in the league right now that did a hell of a job before the lockout. Philly is another team that has been incredible when it comes to free agency. I almost want to laugh till I die when I see teams like Philly playing much better than teams like the Rangers because there smart about who they sign.

The sad thing is, now the Pens are going to have a competitive team out there because they were smart when it comes to free agency and rosters moves.

And anyone that thinks the D won't be improved. Opik played pretty damn good at the end of the 03-04 season. He will make the team and will continue to get better. Ryan Whitney who was a top 5 pick in the 2002 entry draft is also improving and could make the team. Add guys like Jackman and Tarnstrom to the mix and the D was pretty solid. Gonchar is a solid defenseman along with his offensive skills. Add that to the fact that we also are targeting another defenseman. And i'd say you have a pretty solid defense.

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