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Originally Posted by CREW99AW
As talented and promising as Luongo,Speza and Brewer are...

can we let Luongo,Spezza and Brewer actually develop and become franchise players before proclaiming them franchise players?
Brewer I can agree with and never actually called him a franchise player.I can see making this move but again, when you're a low revenue club like the Isles and need to build through the draft in order to have any longterm success you need to hold onto the young guys.I'm a big fan of Hamrlik and think he is a legit #1 but he may walk after next yr and then what are the isles left with to show for a solid young d-man with great size who they took #5 overall?Nothing.

That's my point.All these moves were made to simply get back to being average, a team that will fight for the 7th-8th spots in the playoffs.They were shortsighted moves that greatly diminished any future upside of the club just to save MM's rearend.

After Yashin, Parrish and guys like that are on the wrong side of 30 and guys like Hamr and Ninniima likely walk once reaching UFA status the Isles will have a couple of average seasons of one and done to show for it and will have to start the whole process all over again, maybe learning that after a decade long rebuild with tons of top end picks you don't flush it all down the toilet in order to just get back to the "respectable" level.Especially when your on a very tight budget as the Isles are.Trading guys like Spezza+Chara for the right to back up a brinks truck to Yashin and give him 1/4 your payroll for the next decade is everything you don't do if your a small market team trying to build longterm.

Back to the players-

Luongo is a proven #1 goalie and is well on his way to being amoung the cream of the crop as far as goalies go.

Spezza as well is being brought along slowly but he to is well on his way to stardom.He has shown he will excel at this level and he has great skills and even a better vision for how to play this game.He also will be a top player and will live up to the promise he's shown since he was 14 yrs old.The kid is a special player and it's not hard to predict where his career is going if you've watched him.

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